About Us


Zen3 is a leading software solutions group developing innovative solutions for media, travel and technology industries. We have deep domain expertise in big data, machine learning and content solutions. Zen3 services customers in UK, US, Dubai and India.

Zen3 is a brand in Europe, India and the US providing technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies. We have 1000+ technology professionals working in various worldwide locations delivering innovative digital media and technology solutions.

About Teletext in Travel Domain

Teletextholidays.co.uk still ranks within the top 10 most visited websites for online holiday searches in the UK. Every year, more than 20 million visitors search and compare prices for thousands of holiday offers. Last year, we booked over 300,000 passengers on travel around the globe.

Zen3 UK is now part of the Zen3 family providing travel

technology solutions to customers around the globe.

With over 12 years of online travel experience, Zen3 UK solutions offers travel agents, tour operators and business startups the tools to deliver real-time availability, pricing and booking of cruises, hotels, flights and ancillaries for business and leisure travel.

Fairness & Integrity

Our business and service support is built on a foundation of integrity and fairness.

Trust & Confidence

We conduct business based on trust, goodwill and teamwork. We deliver work on time using the best resources possible.

Professionalism & Value for Money

Economics and viability of the project is important; however, we first ensure dedicated resources are available before making a commitment.