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Uncontextualize data is what you work with.
Organizing, contextualize and processing data is what we do.


No longer in R&D, build real-world applications for real world insights. Let us build your custom framework for real ROI and calculatable benefits.


AI First

Our work with machine learning models designed to derive insight from your business’ data means you have access to the latest in product engineering capabilities.

Data Driven

Our focus on smart data management and extensive use of data-driven intelligence offers a constant source of insight for your organization.

Cloud Native

Our cloud-native development environment offers an added advantage, even if your own application needs to be deployed on-premise.

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Our speech analytics service does more than voice assistants

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Actionable, Conversational Insights for Banking & Finance

The banking industry is highly regulated and has mandatory and expensive regulatory compliance requirements. Zen3’s speech analytics solution has reduced compliance costs and increase CSAT numbers while complying with regulations and keeping PII safe and secure

Reduced Audit Workforce by 80% for best-in-class Staffing and HR Solutions Provider

Staffing companies need to be on their toes to serve both their clients as well as their workforce. With email response automation and the deployment of chatbots this organization has increased client and workforce satisfaction.

Reducing Friction and Increasing Sales for a Media Company

Outbound contact centers are always under pressure to deliver on sales, be it through promotions, offer selling or lead generation. Zen3’s speech analytics solution helped them reduce friction and increase sales.

360 degree tracking of all customer interactions to increase CSAT rates

Increased CSAT numbers through 360 degree tracking of all customer interaction was made possible through custom speech analytics solution developed by Zen3

Real-time insights and increased audit coverage in customer service for a Telecom company

Growing pains of a fast expanding telecom company include service challenges. Increased audit of all customer interactions leads to better CSAT scores, made possible through Zen3’s custom speech analytics solution.

Europe’s largest holiday provider works with Zen3 to derive conversational Insights

Streamlining contact center operations for increased productivity and higher sales efficiency through an effective digital transformation was essential for this travel operator. Zen3’s speech analytics solution helps increase sales and lower costs.

Intelligent Chatbot Conversational Interface for Enterprises using Text to Speech

Strategic staffing organizations face a unique dual challenge: working for the interests of client hiring organizations while providing matches that fulfill the long-term goals of candidates. The sheer number of interactions required before a candidate is hired to make this a not so easy process which doesn’t scale. Zen3 automates routing interactions to make this…

Relevant search engine ads and increasing click performance

Algorithms are used to measure and rank creatives/landing pages for relevance to user queries, & their judgments must be constantly reviewed and tweaked for quality optimization by a human team.

Local Business Search Knowledge Optimization

Reviewing, validating and augmenting data for a selection of the most searched entities helps improve local business search results. Zen3’s services help make local business knowledge accurate and the process more efficient

Automatic Indic Speech Transcription

Traditional, human-centric approaches to speech transcription require huge allotments of skilled professional hours. Consequently, automated speech transcription technology has the potential to save huge amounts of time and energy while simultaneously expanding the array of practicable speech-to-text applications.

Improving Local Business Information Relevancy for Search Engines

Zen3 team is responsible for managing a targeted effort to enhance the quality of datasets used for training our client’s search algorithms, validating output with research as necessary. Provision of more accurately and deeply labelled data for use as an algorithmic training dataset improving the client’s map-related search function is what we’ve delivered.

Improving Data Accuracy for Highly Searched Entities

Major corporate enterprises and other high-profile entities generally provide search engines with accurate, up-to-date information. High-impression, accurate and highly relevant search results is what we deliver for our client

Happy Customers, High Quality Data

Building a global platform for localized business knowledge venture that requires specialized processes for ensuring the accuracy of user-submitted information and quickly resolving any problems that arise is essential for Search Engine success.

Increasing quality of semantically-rich encoded information for Search Engines

Market-leading commercial applications like digital assistants are founded on deep-search capabilities that go far beyond the methodologies employed by traditional search engines. Zen’3 service to improve helped increase depth of information efficiently.

Search Engine Data Quality Curation Made Efficient

search engine operators must constantly evaluate search result quality to ensure that no disadvantageous margin emerges between the quality of their results and those of a competitor. Zen3 does it efficiently while increasing quality.