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Photo Editing Services

From Content Production to Content Delivery

Our expert photo editors are highly skilled and do a wide variety of tasks. We have expertise and resources in all type of photo editing work. Our work is currently showcased in MSN, Windows apps and on our own travel brands. Our resource vary from high skilled photo journalists to photo judges. We specialize in the following areas


A good photo slideshow should tell a story. We will take your photos and stitch them together to create a beautiful and engaging slideshow. We photo editors do extensive research on a topic that you need a slideshow for. We can add custom effects of your choice like video clip blending, background music etc with the effect of your choice, adding essential information to your slideshows.

Renaming & Categorization

  • With multiple cameras or after culling you have an array of different image names. Many Apps or systems like to keep their file names consistent.
  • HotelName_0001.jpg, HotelName_0002.jpg, HotelName_0003.jpg
  • You can specify custom categories. We’ll keyword xmps and create folders for processed jpgs. Whether it is for App specific development or portraits, everyone likes their images organized the way they want it.

Format Conversions

Converting images to JPEG is time consuming for you to do, or you may not have the computer power to do it. We convert all images to 300 dpi in the RGB color space. If you choose otherwise, we will e-mail you the XMP data.

Time Syncing

If you have multiple cameras while shooting an event they might not be time synced. This mixes up the timeframe of the event. We’ll correct so you have a fluid timeline of your event.

Creative Editing

We edit your images to make them stand out from the rest. These are great for your websites, portfolio, blogs, etc. Either tell us which images you would want us to edit, or have us choose the best images.Have your own Photoshop actions? Send them to us and we’ll keep it between us, we keep your editing secrets confidential.

Corrections & Retouching

We keep your style consistent throughout your web site /App and provide you with processed JPG images, and/or XMP files with our corrections. Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation and Tone Curves. Have any special presets, vignettes, sharpening, curves applied to your images? Those are included too! We can remove blemishes, move eyes, faces, objects from one image to another.

Creative Selection

We look through your requirement for web content and narrow the images down to all the good photos while removing images that are out-of-focus,Over/underexposed, someone has their eyes closed or bad expressions. We put extra effort in selecting the right image that is relevant to your content.

360 Panoramas

Discover the future and the interactive potential of video and photographic-based media, allowing your customer to enjoy a 360 degrees panoramic view or a virtual walk Ideal for Hotel, POI Restaurant and Publicity businesses, allowing your site visitors to scroll through 360 degrees pages or “walk” a virtual tour with interactive multiple maps, hotspot, audio, video, dynamic text, etc.