Media and Broadcast

Zen3 along with Shaf Broadcast partnership provides 23 years of combined media services expertise that provides one stop solution for all media and broadcast companies – boasting specialization in designing systems for content production to content delivery with a proud history in creation, aggregation and much more. Its prestigious clientele includes: Indian parliamentary system, 7 Channel automated digital production & transmission infrastructure for Sahara Television and so on. Features like clarity, finishing projects on time and various other facilities sets us apart in broadcast and new media services.



Closed captioning is the textual version of the audio content that comes with the video. Closed captioning is helpful when people have to watch videos in noisy places such as in mass gatherings, train stations, shopping malls, hospitals, or noisy work places. Captioning also immensely helps people with hearing impediments to watch videos with ease.

We at Zen3® deliver captions and transcripts that are word-to-word time-synchronized and very accurate, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, or accents. Media files provided to us are automatically processed using in-house algorithms and later verified by professional transcriptionists who leverage our advanced technology, process, and workflow.

Our Services

Zen3® offers the following services:

Open Captioning: This is the perfect choice of captions for videos, Our captioning services of erent styles, Open captioning is unique in that it does not require decoding.

Closed Captioning: We offer exceptional Closed captioning services that benefit regular viewers, people with hearing impairments, as well as language and literacy-deficient audiences. We widen your reach and accessibility.

Subtitling: Our Subtitling services cover virtually all major languages worldwide. We are your one-stop-shop for all requirements requiring Subtitling Services.


We have in-market dedicated resources who does a lot of Subtitling/Dubbing/Captioning across various markets. They are highly trained resources with knowledge across various domain and our resource pools currently exists in 20 + Markets worldwide. Below are few markets where we can create resources on demand:

Hindi | South east Asian Regional languages | French | German | Italian | Russian | Dutch | Portuguese | Spanish | Arabic | Korean | Japanese | Chinese