Beat the Brochure is an online travel agency offering customers the very best priced travel services available on the Internet for many destinations worldwide. Since 2004, the team has grown to nearly 200 experienced staff. The agency had the challenge of analyzing booking, transaction and payments data along with call center patterns by standardizing the reporting solution to a single platform using Microsoft reporting platform.

MSN online properties, managed by Microsoft, receives about 900 million users per month and generates about $600 million in revenue per year worldwide. They specialize in news, entertainment, finance, travel, sports and health. The team helped to build social data analytics to measure the effectiveness of MSN social promotions.

A major credit card company wanted to create more relevant, targeted ads and increase digital advertisement conversion. This required analyzing all ad click stream data to gain a deeper understanding of high-value customers – and using these insights to deliver more targeted campaigns that would boost wallet share.

A global financial services company uses big data analytics to perform clickstream analysis on their digital advertising to create more targeted ads to improve conversion and ensure the different business units are not over-targeting consumer segments.

A financial services company wanted to understand client behaviors that indicated potential churn, especially as people approached retirement. They also wanted to identify and track specific behaviors of customers who were considering moving their retirement funds to a competitor. Historically, the bank successfully retains 50% of at-risk customers by proactively reaching about their wealth management

The consumer cards division of a major financial services company needed a faster way to analyze billions of customer attributes to better understand the customer journey and systematically engage with customers in ways that boost revenue per customer.