What it is: Open Source class driver framework for IoT devices
Platform agnostic (Win, Mac, Android, etc.)

What it is: Characterize snow density profile on building roofs. Predict roof loads based on weather forecasts. Manage multiple buildings in one dashboard.

What it is: Determines which parking stalls are available. Provide navigation to available parking stalls. Manage multiple floors and buildings in one dashboard.

What it is: Water-proof, battery-powered, remote, long duration soil moisture content measurement.

What it is: Open source framework for connecting low cost devices to Azure.

What it is: Open source demonstration of Azure machine learning and remote control of a robot arm. Triggers for shutting down arm based on temperature, torque, and velocity.

What it is: Tool set for converting managed language code (C#, VB, etc.) into binaries that run on very small (

What it is: Framework and public services for creating a dynamically updatable and cryptographically secure boot loader infrastructure for ARM devices.