The cloud offers transformative benefits—but getting there without interrupting key workflows, risking vital data, or dealing with costly delays remains a substantial technology management challenge. Meeting this challenge effectively requires a rapid scale-up of skilled technical resources with experience overseeing enterprise-scale cloud migrations.

These resources, however, are often not cost-effective for firms that won’t need the same scale of cloud support after the migration is complete. Once assembled, this team will face a truly dizzying array of vendors and service options.

Zen3 understands the best practices and targeted automation necessary to arrive at the benefits of the cloud without the pain and cost bloat of a poorly executed transition.

Out-Innovate, Out-Compete and Out-Sell Your Competition



Discovery Phase

In this phase, we evaluate the existing terrain of enterprise applications and data storage. With a particular focus on discovering any vital interdependences, we supplement our proven approach to cloud migration with original research based on each client’s technology environment.


Evaluation Phase

With the context firmly researched, more detailed planning for the migration can begin. This means setting the rules of the transfer, choosing between rehosting, refactoring, rewriting, replacing, or leaving-as-is applications on a case-by-case basis. Cost projections help determine the best option marginal cases.


Piloting Phase

We begin by scaling up the team to work on migrating non-critical apps, ensuring the process is sound before moving on to more ambitious transfers. Along the way, we plan to make sure the right mix of personnel (between Zen3 and the client’s internal team) is in place to execute the broader plan seamlessly.


Execution Phase

Once any issues that emerge during the pilot are resolved, execution can begin in earnest. We reassess and reprioritize workloads dynamically in response to the pilot, providing a migration process that reacts dynamically to head off issues before they become costly.


Zen3’s experts evaluate different options for each application, selecting an option that delivers the necessary performance at an optimal cost.


Zen3 has experience delivering simpler, safer, and faster migrations for highly respected enterprises across the globe.

Our process centers on delivering a streamlined migration with minimized disruption.

User File Migration
We move files of any type or size, ensuring not only they’re moved intact but any functional relationships with other files is also retained.
Database Migration
We can move on-premise SQL databases to the cloud with ease, moving to a cloud DB provider either pre-selected by the client or selected with our consultation.
Backup Migration
Cloud-native backup makes management of enterprise-grade backup simpler and less resource-intensive than ever.
Archive Migration
Move large-scale archives to the cloud while configuring policies for the archival process.



Audit the environment, identifying valuable migration opportunities and evaluating risk. This includes assessing application usage, configurations, and scripts.


Prepare the overall environment for cloud migration by creating a migration plan and designing an architecture tailored to client requirements.


Create a roadmap to ensure the effort sticks to time and budget and imposes minimal operational disruptions. A pilot project helps scale up while testing for potential issues.

Migration & Testing

Initiate the migration, leveraging proven automation techniques for maximum efficiency where possible. Remediate and migrate all databases, document codes and configurations, and conduct tests to identify potential gaps.


Go live and monitor for emerging issues daily use of the system. Ongoing management helps optimize for cost and performance while maintaining the potential for forward-looking scalability.


Analyze performance, manage security, and maintain policy compliance while minimizing click-heavy administrative chores and setting ups tags and alerts connected to custom metrics.


Any source, target

On-prem / cloud

Automatic conversion of database object

Assessment report
(% converted)

Conversion wherever required

Transfers the data

Both full / incremental load

Handles LOB objects

Data transfer report

Remediate applications

Validation tests

Performance tests


Cloud Advisory

Strategic and technology planning and advice. Work with industry experts to ensure a seamless cloud transformation

Cloud DevOps

Streamline the idea-to-implementation process and out-innovate the competition.

Cloud Ops

Free your team from cloud admin tasks to focus on innovation.