Media and Broadcast

Zen3 along with Shaf Broadcast partnership provides 23 years of combined media services expertise that provides one stop solution for all media and broadcast companies – boasting specialization in designing systems for content production to content delivery with a proud history in creation, aggregation and much more. Its prestigious clientele includes: Indian parliamentary system, 7 Channel automated digital production & transmission infrastructure for Sahara Television and so on. Features like clarity, finishing projects on time and various other facilities sets us apart in broadcast and new media services.



Zen3® provides Metadata Management services to create metadata labels and keywords in an automated fashion. Our Meta Data Platform sits in the heart of web content to extract metadata that includes speech transcripts, time-stamped tags, categories or topics, named entities, geo-location and tagged thumbnails. Metadata is essential for making the multimedia production stand out against competitors. Using our metadata services, video and other multimedia content can be easily searched and indexed which makes up the backbone of all interactive web experiences.


The Zen3® Metadata Management services offers:

  • Services for video, music, images, articles and more allows businesses to connect and engage with their viewers faster than ever before
  • This Platform makes it easy for you to organize and publish as one of the most important components of Asset Management is creating clear metadata labels and keywords making it easier for your customers to find your content
  • These Professional Services analyzes your existing assets and makes recommendations based on customer’s project goals. It allows publishers to create metadata calls to organize content, expose user data for the purpose of searching and processing data for workflow integration; it’ll even specify information for assets used in advertising, interactivity and chaptering
  • Advanced metadata labeling architecture is a powerful tool for asset management, workflow automation, syndication, category-specific analytics, video SEO and so much more

Leveraging The Platform

  • The intelligence of Content Metadata Platform can be leveraged for all online media propertiesto:
    • Build better metadata for Audio, Video, Images and other media assets and integrate to digital asset management systems
    • Help engage readers & audience with good related content on apps & websites and help online properties to extend content beyond their own site
    • Make Advertising contextually more relevant to content users
  • Build CPM, CPC model around structured data widgets or article content
  • Provide Integration via CMS platforms, App integration Kits, API’s and Java script widgets