Media and Broadcast

Zen3 along with Shaf Broadcast partnership provides 23 years of combined media services expertise that provides one stop solution for all media and broadcast companies – boasting specialization in designing systems for content production to content delivery with a proud history in creation, aggregation and much more. Its prestigious clientele includes: Indian parliamentary system, 7 Channel automated digital production & transmission infrastructure for Sahara Television and so on. Features like clarity, finishing projects on time and various other facilities sets us apart in broadcast and new media services.



In today’s technology and business environment, the number of digital assets for companies and organizations around the world are growing exponentially. As the numbers of digital assets keep growing, the infrastructure and people resources that a company needs to support and manage them continue to increase. As a result, expenses and costs of the company soar. It is more and more apparent that a concentrated effort needs to be made to manage the process of creation, storage, archival and retrieval, workflow, distribution and access of digital assets.

Zen3® solutions, along with partner VizRT®, serve as the centralized, secure and accessible repository to manage digital media, branding and video. Scalable for the largest enterprises it offers capabilities for advanced end-to-end workflows and features for creative production, review, approval, publishing and distribution of assets. Ultimately, using digital assets to drive value for the organization.


  • Deliver content fast: Store and manage your assets centrally to speed up every project and deliver more experiences than ever
  • Collaborate with multiple departments and sites: The solution can be accessed by all your staff, whether a few hundred to many thousands – across multiple departments and sites. This, combined with our task lists and workflow orchestration, gives you greater visibility and control of media production across the business
  • Manage assets end-to-end: From creation to consumption, Media Asset Management helps you manage all your video, images, and rich media for the entire enterprise in one place
  • Create media applications using APIs: The feature-set is also easy to extend, thanks to access to core functions via APIs for storage management, metadata handling, search, workflows, and user management. Using the APIs, optional features are realized by product extensions and integration that enhance the solution

Zen3® team is trained in implementing solutions using all popular DAM solutions in the market. Our team has very close collaboration with VizRT® and our certified implementation partner in south-east Asia region. We developed extensions and experience using the API’s of DAM and trained to implement workflows specific to media companies