Media and Broadcast

Zen3 along with Shaf Broadcast partnership provides 23 years of combined media services expertise that provides one stop solution for all media and broadcast companies – boasting specialization in designing systems for content production to content delivery with a proud history in creation, aggregation and much more. Its prestigious clientele includes: Indian parliamentary system, 7 Channel automated digital production & transmission infrastructure for Sahara Television and so on. Features like clarity, finishing projects on time and various other facilities sets us apart in broadcast and new media services.



Film stored for years are subjected to chemical deterioration as well as wear and tear thus rendering it fragile and extremely prone to further damage if not handled carefully. Analog videotape libraries are at risk of becoming inaccessible because of tape deterioration and tape format obsolescence. The best way to mitigate the risk of losing these assets is to digitize them into high resolution video files. A well planned digital migration can bring all different formats into easy to use high quality video files that, when stored in a centralized location, will be protected from deterioration.

Zen3® offers a wide range of services to digitize, restore, preserve and provide access to classic and current sound and video recordings in any format. Our service is suitable for a wide range of archive owners – from cultural institutions, libraries, universities and record labels. We provide a professional, high-quality and cost-effective service, that combines innovative techniques, in-depth experience of audiovisual processing and databases, professional research in archiving standards and optimized production process.

Our Services

Zen3® offers the following services:

  • Handle large scale migration & digitization of tapes including legacy video formats like Umatic, Betacam, VHS etc. and current formats.
  • State of the art encoding solutions from leading technologies worldwide to ensure any desired output format.
  • Meta-tagging and cataloging expertise during ingestion process makes digital assets immediately available, easily accessible and searchable.
  • Manual quality checking or using digital technology can be leveraged to ensure media quality.
  • Restoration and color correction services are offered to ensure best quality for ingested media.
  • Content archival on highly reliable LTO tape library.


  • Complete management of archive establishment process including ingestion, meta-tagging, cataloging, and archiving.
  • Completely media-agnostic system migrates your assets to industry-current media as needed for distribution.
  • Content archival on highly reliable LTO tape library.The entire process can be made available online for continuous monitoring.
  • Digitized content is immediately available for tagging and repurposing.
  • Leading archive experts provide continual guidance and best practices for all steps of the archive process.
  • 24×7 operations available with a scalable model to provide 100+ hrs of tape digitization per day.