Transforming raw data into enterprise intelligence at scale represents a multi-stage challenge. Raw data needs to be carefully selected for relevant attributes and accuracy and then processed from messy and unstructured into densely annotated, carefully categorized nuggets, contextualizing every ounce of potential information.

Automated tools help with bulk processing tasks, freeing human analysts to focus on the subtler judgment calls that stand at the heart of our Human-in-the-Loop approach. This process extracts fine details from multimedia data points, capturing granular attributes like the difference between two pictures of the same person with smiling and neutral expressions. Other examples can be detecting sarcasm levels in speech or spotting the difference between an Eames chair and an Ottoman.

Zen3 understands how to navigate this process efficiently and effectively, delivering end-to-end, machine learning-capable data processing services while avoiding classic data infrastructure pain points.

Using AI to your advantage. How we do it!


Our Human-in-the-Loop services are designed to help identify and collect the right set of data for your project goals, curate data gathered from internal or external sources, and contextualize and analyze it to standards specified by the precise needs of your business.

We provide true end-to-end data support — from collection to translation to contextualization, labelling, and annotation. From there, we can assist in delivering analytical insights or deliver the processed data for use in your own machine learning models.

Zen3 backs these services with ongoing content moderation support to ensure that data uploaded to your website meets all policy requirements and relevance criteria for content like images, comments or advertising.


Supported by the DataZlon Platform



Data services designed around the fact that even relatively simple images can contain an incredible depth of data—if you know where to look and how to evaluate this data at scale.


The video is a uniquely data-rich medium—combining speech, text, and image dataflows into a single coherent asset. This unmatched informational density means that even seemingly simple videos are incredibly rich data sources requiring multi-faceted processing methods.


Even while processing routine documents, we can ascertain likely facts about the background and intent of the author. We can glean insight not only into the substantive content of the written words but also =their underlying grammar, syntax, and organizational structure.


Maps provide a vital link between detailed data insight and ground-level human experience, standing at the heart of data-driven applications ranging from ride-sharing to retail.


Besides an essential medium to integrate with your data pipelines, voice is also a key foundation for broader applications like virtual assistants.


We help you collect relevant, high-quality data from public and private sources, whether through internet aggregation or social media. We enable you to transform the value of old data wasting away in server closets or collect custom data anywhere in the world.

We can support the collection of any data type: video, speech, map, text, and more. The collection process is supported by extensive curation and validation to ensure the relevance and absolute quality of the data.

We also have the background in data infrastructure necessary to set up the right storage systems for your new cutting-edge pipeline.

Our global network of language and cultural specialists are capable of transforming data into whatever form you need. They can support translation, localization, and transliteration tasks with ease.

We can seamlessly transform audio, speech, video, and images containing text into any desired language without losing essential subtlety —even when dealing with obscure local speech patterns.

Contextualization, labeling, and annotating is essential for distilling deeper insight from multimedia data types. From straightforward categorization to subtle observations backed by supplementary research, we ensure that full depth of the dataset is extracted, whether for use in machine learning projects or other in-house analytics initiatives.

Translation and contextualization are just the first steps toward deriving actionable business intelligence. Whether through AI or more traditional analysis tools, we can help understand the relevance, sentiment, intent, and meaning behind your data.

Our data teams are equipped not only to handle one-time data-generation efforts but also to support lasting engagements designed to provide a long-term competitive edge.

For these projects, we employ the above process iteratively and continuously, improving analytical capabilities as machine learning models continue to learn and improve.


Our proprietary Tangram platform distills our experience supporting global-scale human-powered data pipelines into a practical toolkit designed to maximize efficiency every step of the way.

The platform reduces the time taken to collect, organize, contextualize and, derive insight from data. Specifically tailored for video, images, speech or text, smart automation tools —from collection through analysis —dramatically increase the ability of human analysts to support large volumes of data intake.

Tangram is capable of ingesting data from any source—internal, customer submitted, collected online, purchased, or aggregated from social media. It can be integrated with existing IT applications through various channels, providing an automated flow of data in the required format.


Proven Quality

With over 15 Million judgments done for clients in the past 3 years, we’ve maintained a robust quality assurance process that drives analysis accuracy of >95%. Training ensures consistent analytical standards, bringing individual disagreement rate below 5% across projects.

Talent Advantage

Human-powered data pipelines require committed personnel. We have maintained a 0% attrition rate for HIL middle management over the last 3 years, all while scaling up hiring in support of data pipelines based across the US, Europe, and Asia. Our dedicated talent acquisition teams based in Seattle, Singapore, Hyderabad, and Delhi ensure continued access to premium talent.

Value Focused

Our HIL projects center on proven cost-management practices, with prices 30-50% below leading competitors. An absolute dedication to process-improvements has led to a consistent long-term throughput acceleration across all data annotation efforts. We have even proactively identified new efficiencies for large scale labelling efforts by suggesting workflow improvements to our clients.

Deep Expertise

With 130+ editorial resources with rich digital and print media experience engaged currently, we have the expertise needed to support even the most complex, media-rich data pipelines. Our subject matter expertise is coupled with deep knowledge of the content management tools needed to administrate these efforts efficiently.


Altogether, our AI/Human-in-the Loop team comprises over 1000 specialists in data collection, annotation, speech, and analysis.

Fluent in many languages and diverse data types, a global team of this size and skillset is simply what it takes to provide the highest quality data for some of the most ambitious data pipelines and machine learning efforts.


Relevant search engine ads and increasing click performance

Algorithms are used to measure and rank creatives/landing pages for relevance to user queries, & their judgments must be constantly reviewed and tweaked for quality optimization by a human team.

Reduced Audit Workforce by 80% for best-in-class Staffing and HR Solutions Provider

Staffing companies need to be on their toes to serve both their clients as well as their workforce. With email response automation and the deployment of chatbots this organization has increased client and workforce satisfaction.

360 degree tracking of all customer interactions to increase CSAT rates

Increased CSAT numbers through 360 degree tracking of all customer interaction was made possible through custom speech analytics solution developed by Zen3

Reducing Friction and Increasing Sales for a Media Company

Outbound contact centers are always under pressure to deliver on sales, be it through promotions, offer selling or lead generation. Zen3’s speech analytics solution helped them reduce friction and increase sales.

Improving Data Accuracy for Highly Searched Entities

Major corporate enterprises and other high-profile entities generally provide search engines with accurate, up-to-date information. High-impression, accurate and highly relevant search results is what we deliver for our client

Search Engine Data Quality Curation Made Efficient

search engine operators must constantly evaluate search result quality to ensure that no disadvantageous margin emerges between the quality of their results and those of a competitor. Zen3 does it efficiently while increasing quality.

Increasing quality of semantically-rich encoded information for Search Engines

Market-leading commercial applications like digital assistants are founded on deep-search capabilities that go far beyond the methodologies employed by traditional search engines. Zen’3 service to improve helped increase depth of information efficiently.

Real-time insights and increased audit coverage in customer service for a Telecom company

Growing pains of a fast expanding telecom company include service challenges. Increased audit of all customer interactions leads to better CSAT scores, made possible through Zen3’s custom speech analytics solution.

Improving Local Business Information Relevancy for Search Engines

Zen3 team is responsible for managing a targeted effort to enhance the quality of datasets used for training our client’s search algorithms, validating output with research as necessary. Provision of more accurately and deeply labelled data for use as an algorithmic training dataset improving the client’s map-related search function is what we’ve delivered.

Actionable, Conversational Insights for Banking & Finance

The banking industry is highly regulated and has mandatory and expensive regulatory compliance requirements. Zen3’s speech analytics solution has reduced compliance costs and increase CSAT numbers while complying with regulations and keeping PII safe and secure

Happy Customers, High Quality Data

Building a global platform for localized business knowledge venture that requires specialized processes for ensuring the accuracy of user-submitted information and quickly resolving any problems that arise is essential for Search Engine success.

Automatic Indic Speech Transcription

Traditional, human-centric approaches to speech transcription require huge allotments of skilled professional hours. Consequently, automated speech transcription technology has the potential to save huge amounts of time and energy while simultaneously expanding the array of practicable speech-to-text applications.

Europe’s largest holiday provider works with Zen3 to derive conversational Insights

Streamlining contact center operations for increased productivity and higher sales efficiency through an effective digital transformation was essential for this travel operator. Zen3’s speech analytics solution helps increase sales and lower costs.

Local Business Search Knowledge Optimization

Reviewing, validating and augmenting data for a selection of the most searched entities helps improve local business search results. Zen3’s services help make local business knowledge accurate and the process more efficient

Intelligent Chatbot Conversational Interface for Enterprises using Text to Speech

Strategic staffing organizations face a unique dual challenge: working for the interests of client hiring organizations while providing matches that fulfill the long-term goals of candidates. The sheer number of interactions required before a candidate is hired to make this a not so easy process which doesn’t scale. Zen3 automates routing interactions to make this…