Not only rich but relatively simple images can also contain an considerable depth of data. A single visual data point like a simple photo of a man entering a city storefront contains information on the man’s clothing, his physical characteristics, his facial expression, and much more.

Human-powered image data annotation services unlock diverse insights underlying visual data. By curating data sets toward the highest possible quality, this annotation also provides an invaluable source of training data for machine learning tools, only amplifying the long-term value of professionally processed image data. Meanwhile, identifying audio data that fulfil specific project parameters requires an in-depth knowledge of this unique data medium.

Human-Powered, Machine-Assisted Image Processing Offers Unmatched Analytical Subtlety Alongside Stunning Efficiency

Out-Innovate, Out-Compete and Out-Sell Your Competition


Zen3 understands that with immense potential data hidden within every image, annotating large image-rich data sets with exacting quality standards represents a genuine logistical challenge. Meeting this challenge effectively requires highly trained analysts, a proven methodology for collecting and analyzing large quantities of images, and customized tools powered by machine-learning automation.

Potentially time-consuming issues abound while annotating and analyzing image data. Apparently, duplicate images need to be carefully reviewed to confirm no subtle differences are missed. Ambiguities can be addressed through thoughtful supplementary research. For instance, an image missing a location tag may show an intersection’s street sign in the background—rendering its location readily discoverable with a simple search.

For processing data with this sort of subtle touch—a must when developing training data for your own machine learning tools—human analysts are essential. And each of these human analysts needs to employ the same, cohesive decision-making approach when analyzing images. This requires analysts to be specifically trained on image annotation, a reliable approach to collect and analyze image data at a large scale, and machine-learning automation tools to ensure an efficient data pipeline.


Image Collection
  • Data requirements analyzed by image data annotation specialists
  • Data requirements validated by ML experts
  • Pro-photography for original image collection
  • Collection supported in multiple environment types
  • Equipment and studio availability to collect quality imagery
  • Global reach collection and processing
Image Annotation
  • Annotation and labeling assisted by Zen3 Image ML Models
  • Further curation by experts trained on the subtleties of image data
  • Monitoring from data quality specialists with experience managing large volumes
  • Annotation on deep characteristics that go far beyond simple labeling
Image Insight
  • A high-quality analysis covering sentiment, motivation, and other subtle factors
  • Custom labels and image-specific curation like boundary boxes for project-specific needs
  • Live insight generation customized for your operational priorities


Privacy, Protection & Compliance

  • PII redaction
  • PCI redaction
  • Other information redaction
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring

Operational Analytics and Support

  • Image-powered valuation (real estate, automotive, etc.)
  • Automated document processing
  • Analysis of large pre-existing image repositories for repurposing
  • Context-driven image evaluation

Customer Service and Support

  • Customer care compliance
  • Automated processing of customer-submitted images
  • Facial analysis
  • Fraud protection analysis

Sales and Marketing

  • Advertisement analysis
  • Image-driven social media market research
  • Lead generation via free or limited trial image-driven services
  • Prospect evaluation

Machine Learning

  • Automated image data pipelines
  • Image-savvy virtual assistants
  • ML tools capable of analyzing and reacting to images in real time
  • B2C and B2B-facing image processing services


We begin by identifying image data sets that fit client-defined project priorities, sourcing data both by strategically acquiring it from private vendors and utilizing publicly available data sources. When necessary, we support this generation by creating custom image sets, working with a network of photographers and image experts for around the globe.

From there, data needs to be curated and organized while ensuring that any existing encored information is completely accurate. Once the data is stored and organized, analysis and annotation efforts can begin in earnest.

Drawing on its experience supporting large-scale data analysis efforts across the globe, Zen3 has developed a proprietary AI-driven platform called Tangram. This platform provides a suite of flexible, powerful tools and process automation designed specifically to streamline data collection and analysis efforts, including specialized tools for image data. From data collection to translation to annotation to delivery, Tangram provides our team-members with self-learning tools that leverage past experience to ensure unmatched efficiency for our clients.


For clients that need assistance developing their own machine learning models, we draw on our own experience developing enterprise-grade self-learning platforms from the ground up.

Our machine learning model building services can help execute prototypical applications including:
  • Building models to monitor and collect data from the web
  • Real-time contextual analysis for gathered data
  • Industry-specific models to provide a more nuanced context


Images Requirements Analysis
Images Collection and Curation
Translation Transcription and Transliteration
ML Automated Labelling and Annotation
Human Annotation and Labeling with Quality Control
Converting and Automating Ongoing Images Data Requirements
Images Data Moderation


Our end-to-end image data collection capabilities ensure efficient delivery of enterprise-grade data even when supporting large-scale data gathering efforts in parallel. All data collection is tailored to the specific needs of each project. When necessary, we can assist with generating original images via photography or image-editing.

We support data collection worldwide, indoors and outdoors, digital or photographic. We can even cover complex special events like sports, games and concerts with multiple perspectives.

Our annotation and analysis process draws the maximum possible intelligence from raw imagery, resulting in high-quality data capable of training machine learning models.

Client-defined analysis tasks can include object tagging, foreground and background analysis, sentiment analysis, search relevance evaluation, and much more.

Even seemingly simple moderation efforts. Ensuring that user-generated photos don’t contain profane or offensive content, for instance, requires a robust data pipeline. Use of automation techniques helps this process be far less cumbersome.

Meanwhile, support by human analysts provides more nuanced judgment calls. From ensuring images fulfill corporate policies to ensuring relevance to the task at hand, Zen3 offers real-time image quality management in diverse enterprise settings.



Successful AI Data Items Delivered


Successful AI & Data Projects


Expert Annotators


PII Compliant

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Data Acceptance and Accuracy


Our Data Services Group covers more than image data. With over 150+ million data entries, a 1200+ person team of experts, experience in 20+ languages and presence in over 13 markets, we can deliver no matter how ambitious our clients’ vision is.



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