We can think of video as the “ultimate” data-rich medium—it can effectively combine speech, text, and image data flows into a single coherent asset. This unmatched informational density means that even seemingly simple videos are highly rich sources of data.

Consider a few seconds of a single video of two individuals talking. Large quantities of contextual information are contained in even this tiny snippet of video. First, we can learn about the location of the video. From background noise to visible background features, location tags, and more, videos offer clues as to geography and specific setting—store, home, mall, etc. Second, this video is rich in speech data. Everything from dialect and language used to the content of the speech itself can offer vital insights into a video. Finally, the visual analysis needs to reflect the fact that each frame of video effectively constitutes an image. That means analysis for relevant details that may only appear for a moment.

Highly developed video collection and analysis capabilities are necessary to efficiently extract the maximum possible insight from this multifaceted medium.

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Zen3 approaches video data annotation with the knowledge that extracting the full potential of video requires a detail-oriented analytical approach. The approach is coupled with a trusted process for navigating a substantial logistical obstacle: ensuring that human analysts apply coherent analytical standards to large volumes of video across diverse analytical categories.

Meeting this challenge efficiently requires analysts specifically trained on video annotation, a proven methodology for collecting and analyzing video data at an enterprise scale. It also needs customized tools powered by machine-learning automation for an efficient video data pipeline. While we employ automation in all data annotation efforts, it’s particularly essential in the video realm. Our analysts track visual and audio data with a fine-toothed comb in a context where every frame matters.

A meticulous process helps get the most out of your video data, whether that’s simply to derive more analytical value from existing stocks of static video or as the foundation of a machine learning project of your own.


Video Collection Services
  • Client-defined data requirements analyzed by video specialists
  • Data requirements validated by ML experts
  • Collection supported in myriad environment types
  • Tooling and studio availability for high-quality recording
  • Global reach collection and processing
Video Annotation Services
  • Annotation and labelling by Zen3 video ML Models
  • Further curation by human analysts with specialized video knowledge
  • Monitoring and quality control by professionals with experience in managing large volume enterprise video
  • Annotation on deep characteristics transcending simple labeling
Video Insight Services
  • Analysis covering subtle factors like the sentiment, motivation, and background visual information
  • Custom labels and annotation for project-specific needs with video specific details like time coding and frame placement
  • Live insight generation capable of delivering intelligence on real-time video streams


Privacy, Protection and Compliance

  • PII redaction
  • PCI redaction
  • Other information redaction
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring

Operational Analytics and Support

  • Safety and security
  • Internal productivity evaluation
  • Operational monitoring
  • Context-driven video evaluation

Customer Service and Support

  • Customer care compliance
  • Automated intake for user-submitted videos
  • Video-rich Customer Care Feedback
  • Analytical insight into video conversations (from video chat or on-location recordings)

Sales and Marketing

  • Analysis of video advertisements
  • Detailed information on video from social media and other sharing sites
  • Lead generation via free or limited-trial video-driven services
  • Video-driven sales representative evaluation

Machine Learning

  • Automated video data pipelines
  • Virtual assistants capable of reacting to live video
  • Long-term models improve accuracy over time
  •  Video-powered chatbots that react to visual displays of emotion


We begin by identifying video data sets that fit our client’s needs for the project. Based on that, we tailor our collection strategy to project needs. We collect data both by strategically acquiring it from private vendors and utilizing publicly available data sources. Our global network of videographers and video-data experts can support a large volume of original video creation when called upon. Once acquired, data needs to be curated and organized. This includes verifying that any existing encored information is entirely accurate.

Once the data is stored and organized, analysis and annotation efforts can begin in earnest. To efficiently support large-scale data analysis efforts, Zen3 utilizes a proprietary AI-driven platform called Tangram. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of custom-designed tools and process automation designed specifically to streamline data collection and analysis efforts, including specialized tools for video data.

For clients that are looking to develop their own machine learning models, we can draw on our own experience to assist in developing an enterprise-grade self-learning platform from the ground up. Our machine learning model building services can help executive prototypical applications including building models to monitor and collect data from the web, run a real-time analysis for gathered data, and design industry-specific framework to provide more nuanced context.


Video Requirements Analysis
Video Collection and Curation
Translation Transcription and Transliteration
ML Automated Labeling and Annotation
Human Annotation and Labeling with Quality Control
Converting and Automating Ongoing Video Data Requirements
Video Data Moderation


Our end-to-end video data collection capabilities ascertain an efficient delivery of high-quality video data, even in support of multiple large data gathering efforts in parallel. All data collection is custom-tailored to the specific needs of each project. When necessary, we generate original video via recording or video editing.

Our global network of videographers and editors can capture enterprise-quality video anywhere in the world—indoor or outdoor, day or night. We even support complex multi-perspective video capture for events like sports games and concerts. From enterprise contexts, prototypical video data types range from personal/social media streams to live events to archives of screen captures.

Our annotation and analysis process for video mines maximum insight from all aspects of video data, driving meticulously processed data capable of supporting machine learning models.

Prototypical instances of our value-added annotation include speaker identification, entity tagging, sentiment analysis, contextualization and labeling, and more.

Even relatively routine moderation efforts-like ensuring that user-generated videos don’t contain profane or offensive content, for instance. It requires a robust data pipeline. Automation streamlines this process to be far less cumbersome, while human analysts provide for more nuanced judgment calls.
From confirming videos fulfill corporate policies, to ensuring relevance to the task at hand, Zen3 offers real-time image video data management at any scale, anywhere.



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