E-commerce is one of the rapidly evolving industries today, thanks to thing commerce, subscription models and presence of advanced digital platforms.

At the core, it is an entirely customer-driven market. E-retailers realize that merely offering a great product is not enough. Shoppers today make buying decisions on the go and look for instant gratification from their purchases–and hence, customer experience is of paramount importance.

Through emerging technologies such as conversational and visual analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) can personalize search results and product promotions. Additionally, unified commerce and product configurators can upgrade the digital business model in this new age of shopping.

AI can enable e-retailers to identify who is buying and what the shopper is looking for–and make intelligent recommendations at the right time and on the right channel, in a way that delivers an extraordinary shopping experience.


Using our deep data expertise, we collect, tag and annotate all e-commerce data such as searches, product descriptions, reviews, promotions among others. We help e-commerce companies analyze the behavior of customers and the drivers of their purchases and get a greater visibility of their future preferences.

Our data annotation and moderation services help build the training data to train AI and ML models for improved discovery, better personalization and to build compelling customer experiences while ensuring reduced human intervention over time.

Zen3’s e-commerce solutions offer a wide range of benefits including data management, targeted marketing, brand compliance, increased sales, and better customer engagement.


Look at the following use cases of our data solutions in the e-commerce industry.


We use natural language processing to narrow, contextualize and improve search results with a query context-processing accuracy which leads to more precise product recommendations and reduced cart abandonment.

We continuously improve search algorithms on the website by improving human tagging of data to create better product descriptions. We access search queries of shoppers and match them with correct products in the store.

We help design and train models that automatically tag search content and organize it and discover complementary products based on simple as well as non-direct parameters.


Visual search makes product discovery easier and purchases faster.

We apply our expertise in AI, data science and NLP to enhance product search for shoppers and let them see more relevant search results. We tag images uploaded by shoppers, classify them based on queries and help you make relevant suggestions.

We also help you build image data models and train them so that they continue to be more efficient in automatic tagging and making accurate recommendations over time.


Reviews can have a determining role in a buying decision as before buying a product online, shoppers often refer to how existing users rate it.

We moderate reviews on every product as they are posted and remove any inaccurate or improper review content. We strengthen spam prevention and highlight well-written and comprehensive reviews on the website.

Our annotation experts tag reviews to enable building data models and improve the accuracy of models to identify reviews for human moderation or bot action. They refine data models to filter product reviews automatically, reducing the need for human involvement over time.


Besides improving product discovery and recommendations, NLP facilitates consultative selling by identifying the intent behind search queries.

We help you ask accurate questions about the queries and tag products with descriptive tags to make responses accurate. We work with you to build and train continuously evolving data models using human answers.

We also help add speech assistants to upgrade the way your customers shop on your website and convert speech data to text to analyze shopper sentiment and create appropriate answers.


Our e-commerce services enable you to promote, cross-sell, and upsell products on multiple channels according to the individual needs of customers; e.g. recommending a 3-pack lens kit with a discount to a shopper who has just bought a DSLR camera.

We manually review the profile of every customer and build a profile database by linking distinct data sets like shopping pattern, web behavior, POS, etc. We test, validate and tag customer data to design accurate prediction models for their future purchase.


Knowing the shopping preferences of customers beforehand gives retailers an edge. This provides insights into the factors of bounce rates and triggers of purchase.

We apply data science to collect and analyze all human inputs, profile customers and categorize them in micro-segments. Using this, you can send customized emails addressing the shopping needs of customers individually.

Reaching out to shoppers proactively can significantly improve ROIs on marketing efforts, increase shopping activity on the portal, and reduce cart abandonment.


We ensure all the advertisements placed on in-house or a third-party website comply with policies. We manually review every promotional content to check its accuracy and remove any improper content or other compliance-related issues.

We also ascertain that all advertisements, as well as landing pages, are tagged correctly so that they match and improve conversion. Simultaneously, a thorough manual review also assures a better ROI on in-site marketing efforts i.e. improved sales, up-selling and cross-selling.


Multiple touchpoints have boosted customer interactions with brands which simultaneously increases brand management accountability. Any misinformation on the website may severely impact brand credibility.

We mine, tag and analyze the customer interaction data and ensure that you meet all guidelines pertaining to brand, regulations, and advertising while delivering a superior brand experience.

This includes manually reviewing the content pipeline and filtering out any irrelevant or risky content piece. Hence, everything published on your website is risk-reviewed and contributes to brand strengthening.


While bots are an effective first-line assistance, many of them are not capable to answer complex questions and require human intervention which is expensive and prone to human errors.

Our data experts build data for chatbots to improve their efficiency. They continuously analyze, tag and annotate queries and comments of customers to improve bot responses over time.

Besides, enhancing the self-service experience for customers, improved customer-bot interactions minimize the need for additional human staff, reducing the cost of operations significantly.


Today, visually interaction with products makes shoppers more confident before making a purchase. Visual configuration leverages augmented reality and represents the product in the real world, expediting purchase cycle and increasing sales.

Our e-commerce services allow you to depict configurable and customizable products on mobile devices to let your customers interact with them.

We tag and scan description of every product so that the accuracy is maintained across customizable options.