Media and Broadcast

Zen3 along with Shaf Broadcast partnership provides 23 years of combined media services expertise that provides one stop solution for all media and broadcast companies – boasting specialization in designing systems for content production to content delivery with a proud history in creation, aggregation and much more. Its prestigious clientele includes: Indian parliamentary system, 7 Channel automated digital production & transmission infrastructure for Sahara Television and so on. Features like clarity, finishing projects on time and various other facilities sets us apart in broadcast and new media services.



With the dawn of smart phones and increasing number of users, the amount of audio and video data captured on daily basis is rising exponentially. With this arises the need to create professional and great looking clips for your Website, Media App, Social Media and Email Marketing campaigns that’s fully integrated with the quality, tone, and polish of your brand. We at Zen3® have a staff of experienced, business-focused editors ready to transform your raw footage into a final product that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

Our Services

Zen3® offers the following services:

Compliance editing:

Editing services can be tailored based on the destination platform(s).

Removal of unwanted chunks:

If the exact data points are known, that are not required to be present in the final footage, like start or end of the video, they can be removed without introducing any sync issues or any other quality aberrations.


If the theme or target audience is well defined for a footage, the source content can be edited to create thematic compilations