Zen3 solutions provides the data analytical tools you need to make the right decision at the right time based on the most critical information available. Our Business Process Analytics solutions integrate technology, process and people across your business eco-system to uncover patterns, trends and critical insights that enable you to achieve greater success. Of course, analytics isn’t one size fits all as every company is different. That’s why Zen3 solutions delivers a wide range of self-service offerings, empowering your enterprise to better understand data, share insights and make well-informed decisions.

Analytics for Everyone

Analytics for Everyone.

You spend considerable time analyzing data, but are you delivering the most critical insights?

Does data analytics

Does data analytics matter?

Data impacts every facet of a business, whether it’s creating a highly targeted marketing campaign or detecting incidents of fraud or identifying risk indicators. Each situation presents unique analysis challenges that traditional methods are hard pressed to solve.

Analytics for Everyone

It’s all about the data.

Collecting, preparing and analyzing streaming, fragmented data is no small task as data volumes can double every few months. And, the data is complex—often in hundreds of different semi-structured and unstructured formats. With every minute, the data continues to grow and evolve. To gain “big” insights, it’s imperative to effectively manage and analyze all structured and unstructured data together. In other words, analyzing all customer data over time, across all channels and at one time.

What We Do?

Aggregate Unstructured Data

Aggregate, integrate, analyze and visualize all structured and unstructured data in one place—from spreadsheets and databases to Hadoop and cloud services.

Develop Intuitive Interfaces

Develop & deploy intuitive user interfaces that enable smooth interaction with data to evaluate and better align investments with business objectives.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Discover and unlock actionable insights to ask the right questions while promoting a culture of fact-based decision-making.

Deliver Adaptive Technology

Deliver proven technology that adapts to any domain, producing immediate operational results, improving resiliency and enhancing agility.

The Zen3 Solutions Approach


All data, regardless of source


The data you have, even across a billion rows


Data quality issues that slow analytics


Data the way you need it


Data so you can meaningfully answer questions


Multiple data sets without coding, scripting or sampling


Clean, complete and contextual answers in any BI tool or analytical application


Credit Risk Management | Operational Risk Management | Market Risk | Compliance & Governance | Collections & Fraud

  • Manage enterprise and regulatory risk more efficiently by making risk-aware decisions using a single integrated solution.
  • Leverage real-time access to accurate, integrated credit data, enhance decision-making and maximize financial performance.
  • Increase return on capital by making risk-informed decisions on capital allocations.
  • Accelerate and streamline risk processes to reduce costs from credit losses and manage operational risk.
  • Create a risk architecture that efficiently adapts as risk management practices, client demands and regulations change.

Acquisition Models | Competitor Analysis | Customer Segmentation | Spend Analysis | Marketing Performance Analytics | Social Media Analytics

  • Target customers with highly relevant offers across all channels, including digital, mobile and social.
  • Better understand customers in the context of their individual relationship with your brand.
  • Better predict churn and take appropriate action.
  • Engage with customers through the right channel with the right message at the right time.

Call Center Analytics | IT Management | HR Analytics | Supply Chain & Procurement | Marketing Performance Analytics | Social Media Analytics

  • Predict issues before they impact service and cause outages. Optimize IT and application infrastructure to meet service levels.
  • Maximize productivity and profitability, improve processes and meet customer demands in real time across the organization—from product development and manufacturing to purchasing, human resources and more.
  • Optimize production and distribution channels, overcome short-term stresses or unexpected marketplace changes.
  • More effectively allocate capital and human resources where you need it, when you need it.


Access to Best in Breed Testing Process and Methodology

    • Metrics and ROI driven test methodology based on best practices that we have experienced by our exposure to working with customers from various domains will be available for target’s use
    • Access to knowledge management, defect management, test management, test dashboard, and other tools that are part of MindTest

Access to Best in Breed Testing Process and Methodology

Tool and Technology Expertise

Expertise in the following Tool and Technology Platforms: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM and other Pure Play Vendors.

Diverse Service Offerings

  • Blueprinting
  • Data Integration and Storage
  • Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge Services
  • Application Maintenance and Support

BI Frameworks and Best Practices

  • Consulting and Implementation Methodologies
  • Custom Framework for Testing
  • Data Quality Frameworks

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