Infor ERP Solutions


The Zen3–Infor practice offers implementation, customization, upgrades and maintenance services for Infor solutions. Zen3 offers competitive pricing and delivery models to help enterprises realize opportunities across industries and geographies.

Zen3 offers extensive industry experience providing solutions to enterprise organizations across the globe. We offer professional consulting services to cost-effectively implement Infor products and solutions on-premises or in the cloud. Our attention to detail and expert consultants helps clients consistently achieve success, enabling our clients to outpace the competition.



Zen3 consultants are pre-screened and/or highly recommended by GS consultants. Our consultants offer deep experience with Infor projects. Zen3 consultants are required to pass a thorough background check that meets or exceeds industry standards

  • Project Managers
  • Functional Analysts/Consultants
  • Developers/Technical Analyst
  • System/Database Administrators

Consultant/Client Focus

From our inception nearly two decades ago, Zen3 has understood what’s best for our consultants and clients is best for Zen3. This is because Zen3 consultants are the foundation of ours success. Inverting the traditional hierarchical pyramid directs our focus towards the needs of the many instead of the needs of a few.

Competitively Priced

Zen3 clients receive competitive rates and realistic time estimates so clients are never surprised with delays, extensions or overtime. This approach allows our clients more consistent forward progress as Zen3 consultants are committed to the project and on-site full-time – not juggling multiple clients or projects like “trip-based” consulting models.

Rapid Response

Our ERP practice is global with Infor trained project managers, functional and technical analysts/consultants and system/database administrators who are specialists in implementations, upgrades, customized development and business process reengineering. Zen3 can quickly mobilize resources to add immediate forward progress to your project.

Depth & Breadth

Zen3 consultants have actively managed hundreds of Infor projects in a broad range of industries – public sector, healthcare, retail, financial and more. Zen3 has exclusively managed and actively staffed dozens of implementations and upgrades on a wide variety of platforms to the satisfaction of our clients.

Integrity & Performance

Zen3 maintains a solid reputation for integrity-based business practices, coupled with more than a decade dedicated to the Infor marketplace. This allows Zen3 to attract and retain industry top-rated professionals.

Zen3 consultants are W-2 employees of Zen3 – combining the unique formula of team collaboration, mutual goals and shared success to Infor Lawson consulting projects. Like other firms, we may partner with “best-of-the-best” independent consultants to ensure project success.

Zen3 Infor Lawson functional consultants are certified in one or more application suites with a minimum of 15 years of hands-on experience with dozens of implementations, upgrades and business process re-engineering projects.